you were meant to be the woman God has called you to be

hey pretty girl!

but my family and friends call me Lex! I have been faithfully forgiven by the God of the universe and I have chosen to follow Him all the days of my life. 

I'm Alexis Kanode

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What I'm Known For

content creator


my faith



Meet Alexis!

I am a content creator, podcaster, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur. I am the founder of the chosen & cherished movement, which says I believe that each one of us who are in Christ and chosen by God and we are his cherished people.

I have spent most of my adult life trying to figure out why on earth I am here. what is my purpose? I think we all struggle with that question at one point in time or another. I spent a lot of time seeking this answer from the god who knows all things and my answer was pretty clear. Point people to Jesus. help women live their lives on purpose and on fire for the one who created them.

Originally from Ohio, I now live on the countryside in South Central Pennsylvania with my husband, Tim. I love waterfalls, Starbucks coffee, and a good book! I am always working to develop myself to ensure I am bringing you the best content I can.

I  want you to know that this is a place where you are truly
loved and you have been prayed for!

things you should know about me!


I love my Hubby!

things you should know about me!


family is everything! 

things you should know about me!


I love to being near bodies of water!

things you should know about me!


I love to read!

things you should know about me!


I love sweet coffee!

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True Life

What I want you to know about me is, I am NOT perfect. I am full of short comings, insecurities, fear, failures, and unbelief.

That is real life.

I want you to trust me that when you decide to do a course or coaching with me, or when you decide to read my blog or listen to my podcast, or purchase Chosen and Cherished products that you are always getting the real and imperfect me. The great thing about Jesus is He covers over all of our sins and imperfections.

So come on!

let's do life together